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5 Tips For Longer Lasting Bully Sticks

5 Tips For Longer Lasting Bully Sticks

Tired of bully sticks just not lasting enough? Does your dog devour them in an instant, leaving you wondering if you should invest in a bully stick factory? Who hasnt!

We’ve all been there, watching our furry friend gobble up the favorite chew like there’s no tomorrow.

Don’t worry, we're here to help you with 5 game-changing tips that will make those bully sticks for dogs last longer than before.

No more feeling like you're throwing money away with each chew session. Get ready to unlock the secrets to extending the lifespan of your dog's beloved bully sticks, ensuring countless hours of blissful chewing.

Bad for us, good for you.

Let’s dive in and start saving.

1. Pick The Right Size

Selecting the appropriate size of bully stick for your dog is crucial for extending its lifespan.

If the stick is too small or thin, your dog may quickly devour it, defeating the purpose of a long-lasting chew.

Imagine feeding a peanut to an elephant. Poof. Gone.

On the opposite size, an oversized bully stick may be challenging for your dog to handle, resulting in frustration or disinterest.

Pick a bully stick that matches the size and chewing habits of your dog, ensuring they can comfortably chew on it for an extended period.

We’ve created a size guide to help you match the right bully stick for your dog’s size and chewing habit.

2. Change It Up

Does your dog have a Ph. D. in physics already? Do they know how to hotwire a car? You may have a genius dog on your hands.

Your dog may have already figured out the usually sticks so why not braided, knotted, twisted, curly or ring shaped

Braided or twisted bully sticks are made by combining multiple sticks together, creating a more intricate shape.

Braided sticks, as well as other shapes, add complexity which makes it more challenging for dogs to chew through quickly, increasing their longevity.

3. Get A Holder



Bully stick holders are specially designed devices that hold the stick in place while your dog chews on it.

These holders can prevent your dog from devouring the entire bully stick in a short period and help make it last longer.

While a bully stick holder, like the Qwizl, may add an up-front cost, it will save you money in the long term.

Bonus… Bully stick holders add a layer of complexity which helps stimulate your dog’s mind and present challenges and complexity.

The can also be used to hold treats, other than bully sticks.

Note: The Qwizl will only fit standard size sticks, our thin, thick and jumbo sticks will not fit.

4. Feed sparingly

Dogs can get bored easily, even with their favorite chews.

To keep the passion alive and make bully sticks last longer, consider rotating them with other chews or chew toys.

Some things you may consider:

  • Rotate with other chews or toys
  • Have set chew session times
  • Feed only half a stick at a time


Bully sticks are high in protein and calories, so excessive consumption can lead to weight gain or digestive issues.

To ensure a healthy balance, offer bully sticks as occasional rewards or special treats rather than daily snacks. Remember, moderation is key when it comes to any indulgence for your furry friend's well-being.

5. Switch To Smelly

Tried everything else? The only other option may be to get cheap bully sticks. In price, not quality.

Odor-Free vs Low-Odor

Odor-free sticks tend to be more expensive than their low-odor counterparts. This is mainly due to how odor-free sticks are prepared and baked.

Hence Low-Odor sticks are easier on the wallet so you can buy more sticks at a time and get a better value.

USA made vs Imported

Consider sticks made in Central & South America and Europe instead of ones made here in the U.S.

Imported sticks are cheaper to manufacture due to costs of labor.

We do not recommend sticks or treats made in China, India or Bangladesh.

6. Bonus Tip: Freeze It!

Freezing the bully stick can add an extra challenge for your dog.

The frozen texture will make it tougher to chew, extending the chewing time.

Additionally, freezing can soothe teething discomfort in puppies.

Other Considerations

A few more things to consider

  1. Always store a bully stick properly. Zip lock bag in a cool, dry place.
  2. Monitor your dog while chewing
  3. Purchase high quality sticks from a reputable vendor. Like us ;)


Remember, it's important to choose high-quality bully sticks and always prioritize your dog's safety while they're chewing.Regularly inspect the bully sticks for any signs of splintering or becoming small enough to swallow, and discard them if they pose a risk to your dog's health.


Got any tips? Let us know.

Happy (and Safe) Chewing!

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